Our Lady of the Rosary
Primary School

Joy, Excellence, Service

RE Pupil Chaplains


My name is Sienna and I'm ten years old. I love to bake, my favourite recipe to make is chocolate cake. I spend a lot of time outside school playing tennis. Sometimes I get the opportunity to play tournaments which is really exciting. I really enjoy school and one of my favourite subjects is RE. I get to show what I believe in and explain all my thoughts. I was so thrilled when I was chosen to be a pupil chaplain because I get to help people share their beliefs about RE and understanding. I also get to learn more about the history of God and Jesus. 


 Hello, I am Gabriela and I am in Year 5. I love reading, drawing, and writing stories. I love animals, and I wish to have a zoo in my garden. I think that spending time with my family and friends is very important. I have a younger sister, who I like to teach and help her. 

I would like to be a Pupil Chaplain because I would like to help children to be confident, brave, to not give up, and understand that asking for help is nothing wrong. 

To do as my part of the role is to teach children why we need to care for others and to not hurt anyone even if someone hurt you. I would also hope to do my role as if I could teach children more than they already know, about God and why he is important to our lives and how Jesus sacrificed himself for us. I would like to make it an interesting and funny way to reach all the children. My motto is God is our Salvation.


Hi, I'm Shay, I like to climb, read and play the cello.

I wanted to be a pupil chaplain because I wanted to have some extra responsibility and I wanted to try something new. I hope I can bring some new Ideas to other’s minds, support and teach younger pupils about Christian beliefs.


My name is Alice and I am a pupil chaplain. I am in Year 5. I wanted to be a pupil chaplain because I feel I’m very close to God and I go to church on Sundays and I wanted to a little extra thing to help people! Another reason I wanted to be pupil chaplain is because I wanted to be more close to God. While being a pupil chaplain I hope to make people smile and make people want to know more about Jesus and God! Other things I want to do is help with masses and religious assemblies! Another thing I want to do as part of my role is to be with the infant children and help them learn about RE. 


My name is Georgia Hart. I am 10 years old. I like to be silly but if I need too, I can be serious and sensible. I try to be kind and friendly to everyone and to be really polite and sensible when I need to be. My favourite subjects are Computing and English but I enjoy RE and PE too. I wanted to be a pupil chaplain because I thought I know a lot about RE and Jesus and I thought it was a really good responsibility to have. If people don’t like RE, it would mean I would try to convince them to like it more and teach them more about it. I wanted to be a good role model and inspire younger children to like RE more. Something I want to do is make my own powerpoint (with the other pupil chaplains too) about the Gospel and that Jesus wants us to be kind to others and how we can be like him. 


My name is Ben and I’m in Year 5. I like reading, art and playing video games! I wanted to become a Pupil chaplain because I wanted to help the children at school learn lots about RE, God and the Parish community as well as it being fun. I'm looking forward to starting as a Pupil chaplain.


Hello I am Jasmine. I am a part of the pupil chaplain team. I am ten years old and I go to a great school. I became a pupil chaplain so that I could teach people about God and teach them how to live in God’s ways. I want to be a role model for young people and look forward to representing the school.  I would hope to lead prayers and help the school through this time.


My name is Ruby Hyland and I’m a pupil chaplain. I wanted to become a pupil chaplain because I wanted to share what I have in R.E with the school community and help others be able to learn the things I learnt. I also applied to become a pupil chaplain because I have never really had a job at school so I would like to take part and know more about R.E and help others know more about R.E. I think I’m a good speaker and can speak proudly in God's name.


Hi my name is Maja. I’m in Year 5. I am one of the pupil chaplains and I wanted to become one to make our School a really happy place so that nobody goes home upset. I had an idea to do a little garden in our big Field, and get some trees and flowers all around the area and make everyone happy even the nature to have some fresh air. 


My name is Sophie P and I have been chosen to be a pupil chaplain. I like playing football and drawing dragons, I applied to be a pupil chaplain because I want to help my school to improve. 

I am looking forward to doing lots of good things for the school, and every class in it. I would like to share all my ideas and also share all my knowledge about Jesus and God. 


Hello, my name is Sophia and I am a member of the pupil chaplaincy team. I wanted to be part of this team to help other children in school learn more about RE, to help with class liturgies and masses and to look after the younger children when they feel sad. I also want to try and think of ways the school can help our community and charities. 


I’m Joshua and I am 10 and on of the things I like the most is gymnastics.  I wanted to be a pupil chaplain because I wanted to help people and learn about God and teach other people about God.  While I am a chaplain, I would like to help to lead Gospel assemblies so many people can learn about God.