Our Lady of the Rosary
Primary School

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At Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School, we believe that writing is a vital life skill. Our aim is to ensure pupils develop a lifelong, healthy and enthusiastic attitude towards writing, equipped with the technical skills necessary to accurately document and convey their writing intentions. We recognise that enjoyment in writing arises from deriving meaning from text and that this is achievable for all children, no matter of their background or particular needs. We enjoy high quality and engaging reading experiences supported by ‘The Power of Reading’ Literacy scheme whilst equipping pupils with the skills and knowledge needed write effectively in a range of genres and for a range of audiences. 

We have a strong focus on language development, knowing how fundamental it is to our ability to learn and communicate ideas, views and feelings. We encourage children to express themselves creatively and imaginatively, and respond reflectively and critically to stories, poetry, non-fiction and visual texts. 

At Our Lady of the Rosary school, we follow a fortnightly writing cycle process for each genre of writing. Every writing cycle ensures pupils can independently refer to the concept of the skill and genre whilst also taking ownership of their learning.  

Our fortnightly writing cycles includes an introduction to the genre, SPAG directly linked to the genre, opportunities to ‘deconstruct a text’, shared planning, independent planning and writing and an opportunity to edit their work. Lesson outcomes may be shared on our English working walls, recorded or logged in our English or Independent writing books.