Our Lady of the Rosary
Primary School

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The teaching of Geography at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School aims to inspire curiosity and fascination about the world and its people together with a deep respect for our environment that will remain with all pupils for the rest of their lives. It allows children to explore their own cultural heritage and that of their peers, develop a greater understanding of the diverse places, people and resources around the world and to learn skills and knowledge needed to appreciate and care for the world God has entrusted us to.
Children will learn how to collect, interpret and communicate information enabling them to deepen their understanding of
• The relative location of continents, countries and major cities through the study of specific regions and mapping resources including digital maps and aerial photographs.
• Key physical processes such as seasons, weather, and plate tectonics and how they vary over time and place.
• The diverse ways in which human activity has shaped settlements and adapted to local environments.
• Meaningful data collection and local fieldwork.