Our Lady of the Rosary
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Policies Statement 


Our Lady of the Rosary is part of the Ascension Catholic Academy trust. Trust wide policies are being developed and once published will replace the policies on individual school websites.

When Trust wide policies are published, we will list them here and they can be accessed via the Ascension Catholic Academy Trust website via this link.


The Ascension Catholic Academy Trust - ACAT Policies


Published Trust Policies:


ACAT Board and Committee Protocol and Terms of Reference

ACAT Financial Regulations

ACAT Data Protection Policy

ACAT Privacy Notice for Alumni and School Leavers

ACAT Privacy Notice for the ACAT Workforce

ACAT Privacy Notice for Job Applicants

ACAT Privacy Notice for Visitors

ACAT Privacy Notice Parents, Carers and Students

ACAT Privacy Notice for Directors, Governors and Volunteers

ACAT Health, Safety and Welfare Policy

ACAT Risk Management Policy

ACAT Complaints Policy

ACAT Whistleblowing Policy

ACAT Safeguarding Statement of Intent

ACAT Freedom of Information Policy 



Inclusion Policy currently under review